Tuesday, October 6, 2009

jesus crist (the indie band)

Είναι μερικές φορές που η αξία ενός αποτελέσματος μεγαλώνει από την φήμη που το ακολουθεί. Από την δευτέρα όπου κι αν κοιτάς (βλέπε blogs) ακούς για την "μεγάλη επιστροφη". Jesus Crist is coming back....

ένας από το HIPSTER RUNOFF και ένας ποιητής ονόματι Tao Lin (δεν τον ήξερα η αλήθεια είναι) φτιάχνουν αυτό που κατακλίζει τα αυτιά μου (περισσότερο κι απο το καινούργιο κομμάτι που δίνουν οι vampire weekend στο σιτε τους) και κάνει επιτακτική την απόκτηση του ep....

so guys Is This Really What You Want???

αυτά λένε αυτοί:
Tao Lin is widely regarded as the Poet Laureate of Generation Y. Carles from HIPSTER RUNOFF blog is widely regarded as the subconscious voice of Generation Y. These two influential voices have come together to form "Jesus Christ." (the indie band).

This is not a band--this is a sound project. Tao and Carles are looking to capitalize on emerging music + audio media markets. The product is intended to be something that you can 'authentically empathize with', moreso than a traditional 'indie band.'

"Jesus Christ." (the indie band)'s tentatively titled Is This Really What You Want? EP is 'slated' for a Fall release. The two childhood friends spent 1 month recording the EP in Tao's studio apartment. The EP is a soundscape journey through the challenges of a modern relationship. It will be available digitally, physically, and emotionally.


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